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  • Fluency in English.
  • Level 40 or higher.
  • Activity in game as well as on forum.
  • Ventrilo - help and info on how to download and set up can be found here (accessible to registered members only).

Rules & Guidelines

Faction Chat

  • No spamming or disruptive behaviour in the faction chat.
  • Arguments between members shall be kept off the faction chat and be handled privately between the involved players, alternatively with an officer as third part.


  • No spamming or disruptive behaviour.
  • If you go AFK for a long time, try to remember to use the AFK channel or put a note in your comment.


  • For your party's sake, always pay attention to the squad chat.
  • When in squad for FBs or boss hunts, please log on to Ventrilo for smoother team work.
  • Equipment of 2-star (or better) quality will automatically go to the tab holder in FBs.


  • No random PK'ing "white-named" players, unless approved by an officer of Haven.
  • Should you end up in a sticky position and turn out red-named, that's OK. Just don't go crying if you get your ass handed to you on a platter. After all, if you get in the game you better be prepared to play it ;)
  • There is of course nothing wrong with attacking other players in self defense. But don't let it turn into stalking or harassment, or you might get reported and banned. Furthermore, it would damage Haven's reputation as a faction.